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Some of our favorite attractions: 

Cowboys on Main - Cattle drive and gunfights performance. 

Hill County Natural State Park 

Hill Country Cellars Winery

Articles on Bandera, TX

True West Magazine

Activities in Bandera, TX

Bandera,TX is located 55 miles northwest of San Antonio. Many places in Texas have cowboys and ranches but as the staging area for the last great cattle drives of the 1800's Bandera has laid clam as the "Cowboy Capitol of the World". The colorful, rustic history includes many battles between the Apache & Comanche Natives and the Spanish Conquistadors. Later Polish families immigrated to work the mills and ranches. This interesting history created a culture like nowhere else in Texas. 

Bandera is an active town and any given weekend you'll be able to enjoy great antique stores, saloons, motorcycle rallies, farmers markets and small town charm. Catch us at the right time an you might even catch a gunfight during the Cowboys on Main performances. 

The Bandera County websites provides a complete list of local attractions including restaurants, stores, parks and museums. 

Bandera County Page

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